1.1 Typical Application:

Suitable for the area where mains grid is stable, FIT, and high electricity rate. Deye offers one of the broadest portfolios of microinverters currently on the market, ranging from 300-2000W with output voltage of 127/230/208/240Vac.

Thanks to the 1 MPPT/1 string design, SUN 300/500G ensures that each PV module can harvest the highest power generation. Also, it supports rapid shutdown application, ensuing your investment safe, which makes Deye microinverters have enjoyed good reputation and received praise in the North American market.

1.2 Typical System Diagram

AmeWise Micro Inverter Plant Solution Diagram

1.3 Typical System Diagram

This series microinverter come with built-in WIFI module so that it can communicate with router directly.

AmeWise Micro Inverter Plant Solution Diagram with Build In Wifi