1, Residential PV plant solutions

1.1 Typical Application:

Suitable for the area where mains grid is stable, FIT, and high electricity rate. Deye offers one of the broadest portfolios of residential inverters currently on the market, ranging from 1phase SUN 1.5-10K-G and 3phase SUN 4-10K-G03, suitable for mainstream residential rooftops in various countries.

1.2 Typical System Diagram

AmeWise Residential PV Plant Solution Diagram

2. Commercial PV plant solutions

2.1 Typical Application:

Suitable for commercial and public buildings, and  also for the rooftop which has different directions  and shelter issues.

Recommended model: SUN 10-80kW series products covering 230/400Vac and 127/220Vac system, suitable for mainstream markets in various countries.

2.2 Typical System Diagram

AmeWise Commercial PV Plant Solutions

3, Large commercial & utility plant solutions

3.1 Typical Application:

Large-scale photovoltaic power plants are generally built in flat areas, using medium voltage or high voltage for grid connection.

Recommended model: SUN 70-100kW series products features in Max. 6 MPP trackers/ 24 strings, Max. DC side input 1.5 times and 1.1 times for AC side.

3.2 Typical System Diagram

AmeWise Large Commercial & Utility Plant Solution Diagram